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15% OFF - Instant Live Recordings in Australia!

Item Added: 10-11-201215% OFF - Instant Live Recordings in Australia!

Have you ordered your limited-edition, numbered collectible Simple Minds CD set from the Australian tour?  If not, you still have a chance to get one of these prized collectibles!

And better still, DiscLive is offering a 15% off Christmas sale!  So there is no better time for you to get your CD sets - whether you are collecting them for yourself, or you will be giving them as gifts!  These ARE limited edition - and they WILL sell out.  And once gone, they will be gone forever!

We are happy to announce that the forthcoming live shows in Australia are to be recorded and made available immediately on the night to fans! These recordings will also be available to order worldwide.

DiscLive Network (formerly Abbey Road Live US), the global leader in 'instant' live recordings, has partnered with both Simple Minds and DEVO to produce super exclusive, limited edition double CD sets of each band at each of the shows in Australia!  These CD sets feature fully mixed and mastered recordings of each artist, delivered in high quality digipaks, and individually numbered to make them TRUE collectibles!  Best of all, if you are going to the show, you can WALK OUT of the show with your CD's in hand!  DiscLive will capture *every note* including the encore for your listening enjoyment!

This is the first time Simple Minds and Devo have EVER offered "instant" live recordings in Australia so, you will want to make sure you have your copy!

This special Simple Minds recording may be reserved HERE

You may buy BOTH Simple Minds and DEVO at a discount HERE

simple minds - devo

In addition, Simple Minds are offering a special DELUXE edition, which features a brand new exclusive "rockumentary" style audio interview with Jim Kerr, conducted by famed U.S. radio personality Redbeard.

These products will only be available until supplies run out, but you can reserve your copy NOW by visiting DiscLive Network.

Special discounts are available right now if you purchase in advance of the tour, too!  Remember, you can choose to pick up your CD right after the show, or you may choose to have it shipped home - it's up to you!

These super exclusive collectible CD's are available globally to all fans, again - only until supplies run out.  So you will want to reserve your copy now to ensure you can get one!


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