Street Fighting Years

Street Fighting Years

Street Fighting Years is the eighth album by Simple Minds, released in 1989. Produced by Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson, it includes the No1 single ‘Belfast Child’.

Release Date: 8th May 1989


01. Street Fighting Years (6.27)
02. Soul Crying Out (6.09)
03. Wall Of Love (5.17)
04. This Is Your Land (6.21)
05. Take A Step Back (4.24)
06. Kick It In (6.09)
07. Let It All Come Down (4.53)
08. Mandela Day (5.41)
09. Belfast Child (6.45)
10. Biko (7.31)
11. When Spirits Rise (2.01)


Credits: Produced By Trevor Horn & Stephen Lipson.
Engineers : Heff Moraes & Robin Hancock.
Technical Master : Dougie Cowan.
Assistant Engineers : Danton Supple, Martin Plant.

Mastered By Bob Ludwig @ Masterdisk. All Digitally recorded & mixed analogue i.e. “dad”

Nourishment : Ying Ho Au Yeung.
Logistics : Paul Kerr.
Co-Ordination : Jane Ventom.

Charlie Burchill : Acoustic & Electric Guitars.
Michael MacNeil : Piano, Accordian & Electronic Keyboards.
Jim Kerr : Vocals.
Mel Gaynor : Drums.
Manu Katche : Drums.
John Giblin & Stephen Lipson : Bass Guitars.
Lisa Germano : Violin.
Special Thanks to : Stewart Copeland : “The Rhythmatist”
Lou Reed for cameo Vocal on This Is Your Land (c/o sire/wea)

Additional Musicians:
Sidney Thiam, Abdul M’Boup & Leroy Williams : Percussion
William Lithgow & Sheena McKenzie : Cellos
Maureen Kerr : Pennywhistle & Bodhran
Roger Sharp : Bagpipes.
John Altman : Orchestral Arragements.
Lorna Bannon : Backing Vocals.

All Songs Written By Simple Minds.
Let It All Come Down Written By John Giblin & Simple Minds.
Biko Written By Peter Gabriel.
Belfast Child Traditional. Lyrics Written By Simple Minds.

Street Fighting Years Written in memory of Victor Jara.

Made In Scotland March ’88 – March ’89.
Studio Drums By TAMA.

Photography By Guido Harari & NASA-Science Photo Library. Source of graphic : “The Beauty Of Fractals” By Peitgen Richter. Design By Assorted Images.

The CD & Cassette were reissued in December 1989 as a Box Set
(SMBX01) with the Street Fighting Years Songbook, featuring interviews, words & music and mini-bio by Alfred Bos. Also included were 2 cassettes featuring the Radio 1 Street Fighting Years Documentary features presented by Annie Nightingale.


Label: Virgin Records.