Black & White 050505 Out Today

Black & White 050505 Out Today

The new Album released today. Details below:

Produced By Jez Coad & Simple Minds.

Engineers : Arjen Mensigna & Michiel Hoogenboezem.
Mixed By Bob Clearmountain @ MixThis Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Assisted By Brandon Duncan.
Mastered By Bob Ludwig.

01. Stay Visible (5.17)
Words: Kerr. Music: Coad.
02. Home (4.26)
Words: Kerr. Music: Burchill & Goudie.
03. Stranger (4.05) *
Words: Kerr & Tignino. Music: Tignino & E Patlegato.
04. Different World ( (4.36)
Words: Kerr & Coad. Music: Burchill.
05. Underneath The Ice (4.46)
Words: Kerr. Music: Burchill & Coad.
06. The Jeweller (Part II) (4.15)
Words: Kerr. Music: Burchill.
07. A Life Shot In Black & White (3.31)
Words: Kerr. Music: Coad & Burchill.
08. Kiss The Ground (4.05)
Words: Kerr. Music: Burchill.
09. Dolphins (6.05)
Words: Kerr. Music: Burchill.

Home (4.05)
Enhanced Video.
Directed By Andy Roberts.
Produced By Demi Jones for Believe Productions.

Jim Kerr: Vocals.
Charlie Burchill: Guitars, Keyboards.
Mel Gaynor: Drums, Percussion.
Eddy Duffy: Basses, Percussion.

Andy Gillespie: Keyboards.
Jez Coad: Guitars, Keyboards.
Daniele Tignino & John Biancale: Backing Vocals*

Pre-Production in Taormina, Sicily By Daniele Tignino & Ottavio Leo.
Pre-Production in Glasgow, Scotland by Kevin Burleigh, Gordy Goudie & Andy Gillespie.

Album Consultants : Martin Hanlin & Ged Malone @ GMW Entertainment Ltd.
A&R : John Williams.
Administration : Sandra Dodds with Gordon Smith.
Legals : Andy Stinson, Stefan Silvestri @ Absolutely Records.

Thanks always for your enthusiasm and creative input.