Power in the Darkness

Power in the Darkness

Often when we come across some of those who admire our work it strikes me that I must have the courage to be myself even if sadly it leads to the breaking of some flattering illusions. A pity really, but probably better in the long run least for yours truly, because if I forget how I should be, then the chances are I will find out who I really am. Right?


As an example, just the other night after a particularly satisfying show, the situation came about where it was obvious that I had disappointed someone by perhaps not reacting sufficiently to their praise. Well, it is not that kind words are not appreciated. (Where would we be without fans?) Plus in the end, just like anyone else, I thrive on whatever positivity that comes my way. However after a point I have to confess that praise beyond that does not hold that much interest for me. In fact it gets in the way!


What does interest me entirely on the other hand is whether our music has made the listener in anyway feel better. Happy even! If that is so, then mere acknowledgement of that as a fact is more than enough reward as it gives me the kind of sensation that I can only describe as maximum joy. In fact there is no higher praise that I could relate to.


I have no desire whatsoever to have any real importance myself and to be frank all I do care about in relation to work, is that I keep being productive. In the end, I suppose that it is the power of music, or the power of the art that interests me the most.


I like the idea that at its most demonstrative, this power has the effect of liberating both the artist and the audience. Without that – art/music is a mere commodity and that is simply not good enough. Music is at its best when it brings things to light, illuminates us, sheds light on our lingering darkness.

Even more so when it casts light into the heart of our darkness and in doing so invites us to “see.


When that is happening, it is happening of its own accord, and in someway is happening despite the artist. It is magic of its own accord!

Being as such no praise is necessary!

Jim Kerr