Seemingly I have been slipping down right off the edge of the world, fingertips grasping onto the only things that really make sense. And in this time a different condition flashes through my mind almost daily and so when it does I take probably more time than I should to consider it.

Today I was thinking about how excessive love for anything will cost you in the end. Additionally it is also said that only those who know what is enough – will have enough! If so, boy have I had enough of all that I could ever want. Except risk perhaps!

Thinking about it now, even in laughing, we risk being looked on as a fool. While alternately to cry a little is viewed as being sentimental. Others have stated that to try something risks failure, while harbouring dreams can inevitably encourages their loss. If so, then I suppose also that to express emotion risks showing your true self and to simply reach out to another would be to risk involvement. ( What kind a world is it that would consider that a risk!)

But hold on a second! Surely risk must be taken. To live, risks dying after all. And in any case, the idea of living a life without risk for me would be the most dangerous concept of all. For those who risk nothing perhaps have nothing, except the chains of a safe life, shackled to the illusion that all suffering can be avoided. (If only!)

With risk on the other hand, it is possible for me to feel, to change, to express, to create, to love, dream, and travel long distances for no known reason other than it feels right. To be free in fact!

And being so, I am motivated to do things right away, things that I may not be able to do tomorrow. To swim against the tide of convention for example or to ignore seemingly great mountains that may be full of the jewels of wisdom, but can also lie beside rivers of fool’s gold!

Time to risk again then, it may be 5 am only but already I can feel the adrenaline that I need to make sense of the day!