Invariably ambitious people are considered in differing ways. Some view the ambitious as dynamic would be achievers, uneasily deterred and therefore unsatisfied until a challenge is met. Others look on the ambitious as being one track types dangerously driven by greed and lust.

If asked I would have to put my hand up here as without doubt we as Simple Minds were and still are railroaded by an inner ambition. As to which of the previously described categories do the roots of our natural ambitions lie? The answer is that it shifts form time to time, and does so mostly without knowing. It is a puzzle then, and one that is not so easy for me to fathom. But is it ever a concern, no not at all!

Frankly speaking, for large periods of my life ambition was a force that naturally ran through me. Being as so, there can be no argument that my life has been determined by the results of that inner pulse. Currently I would say that these days my focus is far more centered on being as decent a human being as possible and in turn any goals that I have are merely adjuncts to that quest. Does that mean that I currently lack ambition then? I don’t think so!

Some have said that without ambition, nothing is achieved, while others view ambition as a perversion of inner desires. I happen to think that as long as the result hurts no one then it is perfectly good that ambition is exercised and not suppressed.

Unfortunately it seems all too often that many people find that they get held back or that their dreams get thwarted, and all as a result of peer pressure or perhaps under the instruction of elders with conflicting concerns. Sometimes the motivations behind these “concerns” are not genuine, having more to do with the others inadequacies, jealousies, fears and ignorance. That is a real pity. Because in case I need to say it – no one should hold you back from pursuing your life’s goals. I say that whatever you want to do with your life – do it! And do it to its fullest!

Never failing to remember along the way that nothing really lasts forever. And that you may even reach your goals only to soon find that they are no longer that important to you. Well if so, that’s okay too. Because all it means is that you have come to the end of one interest – or the end of a cycle maybe. And that no matter how dramatic the implications of that are, it means that you are now free to go on to something else.

Me too!