Here We Go Again !

Here We Go Again !

It wont be the last time that something I write appears spewed up and screwed up elsewhere, and so badly so that it barely resembles the sentiment of my original. What a giggle!

It occurred recently with regards to the piece I had written earlier this week after excitingly downloading the debut album from Glasvegas – a band who’s intriguing record I bought on the first day of release, a band that I clearly wished all the best in these pages.

With regards to wishing them well, I did so particularly as I sensed that they are the kind that will create strongly divisive opinions, as in people are bound to either really like them – or really wont – with very few in the middle.

Then again music and the merits of it will always be subjective. But what is without dispute in relation to Glasvegas – is that they are undisputedly the hottest new act in the UK. What’s more, they are this week doubtlessly heading to the top of the UK charts. Uh!

Thanks to my son James and I, as well as about 100,000 others who also appreciate the uniqueness of the band and much of what they are about.

Anecdotally, on Tuesday night I finally tracked down our former studio engineer, the fantastic Kevin Burley, who is currently touring with Glasvegas and in some ways has babysat the group over the last eight months or so. Kevin is credited by the band as being their musical consigliere and I know what they mean as Kevin also acted as a great help to Simple Minds some years ago.

It was nice to touch base with Burley and a great opportunity to display my pleasure and how happy I was that he and the band were getting such a positive reaction to their work.

My reaction was genuine then as it is now.

Viva Glasvegas!

Jim Kerr

Glasvegas pic by Steve Gullick