Turning Gold

Turning Gold

Listening to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Sun is shining, sky is azure, coffee is strong, and the combination of it all is intoxicating in the best way.
I witnessed some great new music come together this week and that has me feeling ecstatic. My energy however will need to be at a max as a busy week lies ahead with trips to London, France and Italy, before meeting up in Belgium for the tour rehearsals. What already????

Almost exactly a year ago to the day I set out from Rockfield studios in Monmouth returning to London. Having completed work on our latest album I knew that I was leaving behind what would on looking back become a truly memorable couple of late summer months for Simple Minds.

Perhaps that explained the exhilaration then evident in the camp over those last few studio days, and even although no one out with our inner circle had heard a single note of our new tracks we nevertheless had a tremendous self – confidence that we had hit our target.

That music was eventually released this year and I think it is safe to say that almost everyone willing and interested enough to give it a listen seemed to concur with our appraisal re what became known as Graffiti Soul.

It was equally nice to return to the same place over these last days especially as the sun again shone throughout and all around leaves were golden. Better still, the sounds coming from a studio thoroughly immersed in rock & roll history – were captivating and I knew that I had made the right decision to pop in on my way to London, even if only to cheer them on.
I was nowhere near a microphone myself but having gone through the studios doors once more, I simply cannot wait to get on with future recordings and that can only be a good signal of what will hopefully be great things to come. I know that Charlie is in the same frame as is everyone involved.

But first we have the remainder of this year to deal with and the shows that will occupy the weeks and months ahead. Undoubtedly they will serve us even more in encouraging new chapters to be made for what is as much a wonderful story as it is thundering soundtrack.

Hold on in there with us please!

Jim Kerr