Dancing Girl!

Dancing Girl!

Occasionally during a show I will see someone in the audience who is enjoying it all so much that they seem to stand out somewhat from the rest of the crowd, even though en masse they all seem to having the best time possible.

It happened again in Copenhagen a couple of nights ago when right there in front of me – or to the side to be precise – I could see one lady who was obviously in heaven as each of the songs from our current 5 x 5 set where rolled out. Her energy, sense of fun, total abandonment even, was an inspiration. In fact, her smiling spirit was an inspiration in itself.

So much so that during the final song I asked the security to let her come up on stage, should she wish of course. Plainly, I wanted everyone to enjoy the spectacle that I had witnessed throughout the evening and she did not let anyone down as she darted even more exuberantly across the stage. Good on her then and good on all the others who make our shows the great atmosphere that they so often are!

Of course everybody has their way of experiencing a Simple Minds show. Some insist on being at the very front – and on repeated nights even. Others, blend into the crowd, much more low profile. Some dance, wave, singing every word, while others close their eyes quite as if letting it all wash over them somehow. As I say, each to their own!

All I care is that the people who give so much in coming to see us, hopefully get more than they expected. When, and if that happens, I am beyond happy. And although I donĀ“t know the answer to the too often asked question, “What is the secret to having along career in music?” I suspect that caring above all else about the feelings of audience who come to see us might be central, or indeed be a major part in that factor. Caring then, is definitely what we do. Night, after night, after night.

Jim Kerr