Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Hmmm. And just as we had settled into recording mode, tomorrow we will hightail it to the Arctic Circle for a one – off show in Tromso and we are looking forward to it immensely as well.

It is always particularly good to go play somewhere for the first time; it is even more so to go to a place that is particularly of note. Tromso after all, and despite it’s Italian sounding name, is situated some 350 kilometres (217 mi) inside the Arctic Circle. This’ Paris of The North” and has an impressive history, and is currently home to some of the musicians from the legendary Rokysopp. That is all pretty cool, and well, considering it might be a few degrees below zero, perhaps cool is an understatement.

More personally, since we arrive the night before our set, I hope to see the mysterious Aurora Borealis – Tromso by all accounts should be the kind of place where we get more than a glimpse. I do hope to get lucky with that.

But enough of what we are looking forward to, what can people expect who come along to see us take part in this festival of music, what can they look forward to from us? Well, the band has been on great form over the last months and I expect that will continue as we play a set that will highlight songs from our entire history. Plus, this is a one – off as already said, it is also a first time as stated.

That all means we will most probably attack it with full force, summoning up the positive energy with us, and play with our fullest enthusiasm.

When that happens it can quite impressive – or so it has been said.

Jim Kerr