Positive Noise

Positive Noise

Re recent recording activity with Steve Osbourne Real WorldStudio. It´s been an inspirational last week with much endeavour and fairly long hours, but finally I feel we have a very good production for these songs. They do feel inspired by the 5×5 era, without that is, being a parody or too obviously dripping in nostalgia.

Actually, to my ears they sound real fresh, full of joy, and perhaps if anything even remind me a little of the spirit of  our “Sparkle” era…if not exactly that sound.

Definitely not easy though! These Bath sessions have been a tad frustrating basically because although we knew what we did not want, we were much less clear about what we wanted. All of which meant we had to try lots of things. Many of which seemed “good”. But ultimately “good” was just not ‘good enough”. After all, and lets be honest here…we need something more than that!

Anyway, today we are happy. Who knows how we will feel next week, but that is part of doing what we do. We have no guide book, no teacher, no guru, no route map even – as Van Morrison might have said.

In fact all we have, even after all this time is (hopefully) a developed instinct for something a bit special, something inspired, plus an overwhelming desire to make music with an array of positive feelings. Something that is more than able to make people feel good somewhere inside. That is the power of great music. Is it not?

Jim Kerr