Champagne Moon

Champagne Moon

Ever get asked when are you at the most the happiest? I do, and I know the answer. Like most people I would have to say that things that involve friends and family make me the happiest. At a push I could easily say that on many occasions I have felt real bliss while sitting out under the stars anywhere in Taormina, Sicily. And even more if it involves sitting together on the terrace of the La Botte Restaurant, which belongs to our friends the Chemi family.

How proud they must be this week as their town recognises them for all their effort over the last 40 years, that is 40 whole years of making people very happy with their wholesome attitude toward hospitality. Regretfully we may not be with them this week as they celebrate, but all involved with Simple Minds will be at the restaurant when we soon play in near by Catania. For many years it has been a true favourite of ours and I am sure it will remain so within the future that is yet to come. Auguri!!!

Outside of family and friends, I think I speak for all of Simple Minds when I say that we are at our happiest when playing live. Unlike the Chemi‚Äôs we are not quite 40 years old as an established live act, but we are not so far behind either. We kicked off our current series of summer dates in Vienna last Saturday, and judging by this pic that was taken in the first song, seemingly I am trying very hard to supress the obvious joy involved in being part of a “real live band”. Apart from observing the obvious positive effect of the music on our audiences, in equal measure the biggest pleasure on our part is seeing some of those familiar faces, the ones who travel far and wide, showing such great commitment as they encourage us on and on. Possibly I was focusing on them when this snap was taken.

Touring has always been what it is mostly about for Simple Minds, in tandem with recording and writing new music of course. But really, it is the touring above all, and the desire to give our best wherever we turn up that keeps the ambition charged within our unit. This summer will be a challenge as always, and festivals gigs in particular throw up varying conditions that can either help or hinder a performance. But nothing that we are not used to and hopefully all who get the chance to see us will feel as I felt on the last day of rehearsal, and that is that Simple Minds are genuinely getting better the more we play.

Speaking of getting the chance to see us play. We are buzzing with the recent announcements of the Australian and New Zealand shows. Anyone who knows anything about the story of SM knows how much those countries played a part in our then burgeoning career. Anyone who knows us personally will also know that we love visiting that part of the part world. December cannot come quick enough.

All we need now is some confirmed news on live shows for USA and Canada. That would be perfect, so fingers crossed for some news soon. Meanwhile, thinking about it, what would be perfect tonight would be to be sat at a table within the aforementioned La Botte. Not much chance though with the schedule we have currently, But we will get there soon!

Jim Kerr

pic: MRP – mirror reflex pictures – Jan L