MELBOURNE Palais Theatre, AU

MELBOURNE Palais Theatre, AU

30th November 2012 @ 11:59 pm – 11:59 pm

Date: Friday 30th Nov 2012,
Venue: MELBOURNE Palais Theatre, AU
5×5 + hits

*Confirmed Pre-Sale:
Tickets will be available in a pre-sale from Monday 25th June if you register at and a second pre-sale from Wednesday 27th June if you are registered at
This has now been confirmed.


Ticket Price:
Box office: 136 100

Type Of Show
Many of you will be wondering if Simple Minds will playing their critically acclaimed 5X5 LIVE! show or perhaps a compilation of hits from their entire career? Well there will actually be 3 types of show this summer, dependent upon whether they are festivals (in which case the festival promoter gets some say in what is played and also stipulates the length of time the band are on stage), and also whether they are indoor or outdoor shows.
The type of show is mentioned next to each date and hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect:

5×5 Festival Set – Mainly comprising of songs from the 5X5 era plus a couple of surprises – set length determined by the festival
5×5 Full Set – These shows will have longer sets and will include more of the 5×5 tracks (but may also on occasion include some more recent hits)
5×5 + Hits – A mixture of 5X5 tracks plus hits from throughout the bands career

“We would like to remind all of our fans and members that despite hearing announcements elsewhere regarding possible concert performances etc, it is only when the date is announced here at that you can be sure the information is 100% official and that contracts have been agreed”
Simple Minds