Real To Real Cacophony

Real To Real Cacophony

Real to Real Cacophony (sometimes incorrectly rendered as Reel to Real Cacophony) is the second studio album by Simple Minds. It was released in November 1979, through record labels Zoom and Arista.

“Real To Real Cacophony was all recorded and mixed in five weeks at Rockfield using both studios. They had about half the songs (Premonition, Factory, Calling Your Name and Changeling) and the rest were kind of written in studio. We were searching for sounds and they came from anywhere: guitar or keyboards. We often miked up the corridor that ran down the side of Coach House studio at Rockfield and left the door to the studio open. It gave a good natural eqable short reverb for drums and guitars and claps. Jim was writing all the time, trying lyrics and different approaches to singing. He was quite different on early records to how he sings now. The record was all mixed at Rockfield in one stint and quickly mastered and put out.”
John Leckie


01. Real To Real (2:47)
02. Naked Eye (2:21)
03. Citizen (Dance Of Youth) (2:53)
04. Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase) (2:49)
05. Factory (4:15)
06. Cacophony (1:45)
07. Veldt (3:31)
08. Premonition (5:29)
09. Changeling (4.11)
10. Film Theme (2:29)
11. Calling Your Name (5:05)
12. Scar (3:31)


Release Date : 1st November 1979

Credits : Recorded & Mixed By John Leckie.

Tape Operator : Mariella Sometimes.
Arrangements : John Leckie & Simple Minds.

Charles Burchill : Guitars, Violin & Saxophone.
Derek Forbes : Basses.
Brian McGee : Drums & Percussion.
Michael MacNeil : Keyboards.
Jim Kerr : Voices.

Lyrics : Kerr.
Music : Simple Minds.

Crew : David, Jaine, John, Billy & Paul. Thanx.
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, September 1979.

Sleeve & Packaging : Paul Henry.
Photography : Shelia Rock & Trevor Rodgers.
Graphics : Graphyk.

Special Thanks : Bruce Findlay, Charles Levison, Jools & Gary also John (The Quiet Man) Leckie.
Label : Arista Records.

The 2002/2003 re-issues by Virgin Records incorrectly render the album’s title as Reel to Real Cacophony, and the opening track as “Reel to Real”. The new spelling also appears in the discography section of all the inlays in the 2002/2003 Simple Minds remastered edition series. Subsequent editions render the title of both the album and track correctly.