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18 hours ago

Simple Minds Official

Simple Minds will be back on the road soon and at 10am on Monday we'll have some exciting news and a chance for you to get UK tickets ahead of general release…
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Back on the road...


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My 78 year old mum will be pissing her pants Jim ( I have too!!) She was utterly amazed at her first ever SM gig in the concert hall this year- now you can make her day/ week/month/year by playing the barras too- hope the gigs are very very soon. Will the news be on this Facebook feed firstly? Xxx

Come back to Barrowlands or Bochum/Zeche/Germany ? Midge Ure was here on the 1st of October in the Zeche Bochum. And i saw this, before the Gig started, in the Zeche Bochum, the hall of fame Rockstars, do you remember 1982 Jim and Charlie ? 😀

Good boy, well done. Waiting does not go wrong when it's worth it. We look forward to the tour, so in Italy we do not have a world soccer to see ... It's time to change cover image.

Hope you come back to Swindon,the first time you ever played live in Wiltshire Jim had a stinker of a cold but still a great night 😂

Glasgow, Manchester, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen. Hey Alan. Which ones mate. I’ve never been to Denmark!!

Hey ! I hope again in summertime on show in the beautiful theater of Taormina Sicilia like few years ago ! It’s was so nice and existing concert ! Enjoy

Glasgow, Manchester, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen......

Praying for the barrowlands and maybe get some up to date photies 😁 roll on Monday 😉

Having a a panic attack from Australia

Oh my god blood pressure has gone up or could it be excitement that’s travelling to my head and my soul as I’m screaming in excitement woop 🙌 Woop 🙌 JoJoyce TayloraLarelle Priptona ReadeLeslie Pegues MolieriiMichael Bagger LeesJoJoanna Tilley Parker️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I got ‘Glasgow’ then my head hurt.

Ohhh my.... I'm on an island next week. Hope the wifi will be okay.😅

Why don’t you do a US tour?! I know there’s a lot of fans that would love to see you in concert!

Listening to you guys right now!!! Someone Somewhere in favourite ♥️

I think it’s time for a South American comeback...

only UK tickets ahead or also for the rest of Europe??

I like the snippet of music, very reassuring.

Any of my friends fancy joining me to see Simple Minds on this tour?

Come back to Dublin, we miss you!

Elma, Derek we should see if there going to Edinburgh

Chile is waiting news of Simple Minds

Oh Geez! Il have to stay up all night . Im not missing out .

Thanks to those who are freeze framing. Somebody at SMHQ is loving this drip-feeding.

Is there a theme for these great cities??

Is that a snippet of 'The Signal and the Noise'??

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Coming soon... ... See MoreSee Less

Coming soon...


Comment on Facebook

I think I may just have a coronary!

A storm is coming...

Took a while to get this frame...Is it a young Jim? Is that music being played backwards...🤔

Hope it's better than the last album and tour. Very underwhelming, was caught up in the hype at the time but looking back it was meh!!

The Minds have always been way ahead of the time. Listen to New Gold Dream, that was released in 1982. It was maybe 5 years ahead of the musical taste of the time. It was not cheesy at all like the other new wave bands at the time. I was listening to Real Life with high quality headphones last week. That is a wacking album and Jims voice is just far to matured for his age when Real Life was released in 1991.

Please remove ‘dirty old town’ live. A cover that’s been covered to death I dont really want to hear it again and a live song on a studio album big no no for me..surely this is not the correct song listing

I was told only yesterday of the Amazon pre-release, and was wondering when the next announcement would come. Today....a window has been opened briefly and then shut again, leaving us curious, speculative, and wanting more......yeah, a classic tease. I really like the album title.

Big Music lazy and meh? I hope you can take criticism as well as you can dish it out ... because those comments suggest a lack of knowledge and understanding of music.

Not teasing us again...are you? ☺ Is that being played backwards by chance? Look forward to hearing the new arrival soon. ☺

Awfully kind of you to start teasing the new album a matter of hours before my birthday 😄 What a gift!

... Had a TV like that in the 70's...... (a good bang on the top used to fix it)........ anyone know a good computer repair shop 🙂

Too much technological perform for me ! I don't feel the poetry of this language ! I am far from all of this !

😁😎 Awesome 🤩🤗 Have already requested the album as a birthday present from my husband 🎁 Another reason to love having a February birthday 😍

Exciting! Looking forward to any London/Cambridge gigs as the last time I saw you guys was 2006 at the Astoria..

This is the teaser of a teaser!! Cmon Jim give us a bit more!!! Anyways it is pre ordered at Amazon UK

Cheers Amazon for the spoilers...

A Big US Tour announcement!!! Been waiting years!!! 😃👍🏼😀

Track Listings Walk Between Worlds (Deluxe) amazon uk February 2, 2018. Disc: 1 1. Magic 2. Summer 3. Utopia 4. The Signal and the Noise 5. In Dreams 6. Barrowland Star 7. Walk Between Worlds 8. Sense of Discovery 9. Silent Kiss 10. Angel Underneath My Skin 11. Dirty Old Town (Live)

Not good to watch when I have a migraine!

Amaziiiiiiiing 💖💖💖 can’t wait! 🙌 love you I will have my best birthday present ever 😍

Jim, yer tellys on the blink!

More excited than a dog with a bullyfull of wee...and a line of trees in front of him!! 🤣🤣

Quiet like that as it is JK!! Ha. So where are you now? Now that you're out in the big tease!!

I’m getting Excited 🙌 in this New chapter

Walk between worlds!! Like the sound of this without hearing the sound

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Coming soon…



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Tour Ended – Simple Minds Will Tour Again!
Dec 31 all-day
Tour Ended - Simple Minds Will Tour Again!

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