Congratulations to our very own Cherisse Osei who has been nominated in an online MusicRadar poll for 'Best Live Drummer' due to her great work with #SimpleMinds !
Voting closes 15th Nov & we've voted already !

You can vote here: bit.ly/BestLiveSession2018

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Congratulations to our very own Cherisse Osei who has been nominated in an online MusicRadar poll for Best Live Drummer due to her great work with #SimpleMinds !
Voting closes 15th Nov & weve voted already !

You can vote here: http://bit.ly/BestLiveSession2018



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Already voted for her a few days ago. Best, coolest and Cutest❤️ live drummer ever!

Amazing that Cherisse is 🤗 , she well deserves it 😉

Psssst .... you can vote more than once!! xx

Voted for Cherise who was absolutely amazing ❤️❤️❤️

I voted 2 weeks ago. Cherisse deserves this!

Have already voted for Cherisse who in my completely biased opinion is the deserved winner. 😃😃👍👍

Just voted. Well deserved BTW. She was tight on those drums in MIami!

voted, good luck Cherisse

Voted, saw Cherisse's opening spectacular for your show in Dundee Jim. A night to remember. Simple Minds has been & is still a fave top band of mine since my teenage years!! 😍👩‍🎤👨‍🎤🥁

Done! She is an awesome drummer.

Done, good luck Cherisse X

Voted but not for Cherisse...only a joke! 😎🌻🍏 the 11/15/2018 can come..

Congrats! She is amazing.

She is absolutely brilliant and fascinating to watch play. Good luck 😁

Well... after seeing her LIVE at Hard Rock Live Orlando...I say, Duh.... Ive never been more entranced. Her talent, aura, everything. I tell you what that’s a great group of musicians. Am very very glad I got to see you all!

Voting done for Cherisse Osei.

Cherisse totally deserves to win this ❤️ 🥁👌

My vote has been registered for The Rhythm Queen.

Done! Good luck Cherisse!!!! I'm a huge fan!!! Have you told the band about coming to Brazil soon???? Please! 🙏🙏🙏

I voted a while ago , good luck Cherisse x

The smile alone gets my vote.

She is absolutely brilliant 🙌🏻

Proud of witnessed her talent!!!

well deserved..she is amazing

Got my vote, it was an absolute pleasure seeing her drum. She rocks!!!

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Just before we get on the plane.Thanks again to all who came to see Simple Minds on this wonderful tour. Including those who travelled from far and wide.
Take care for now! And we'll see you soon!
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Just before we get on the plane.Thanks again to all who came to see Simple Minds on this wonderful tour. Including those who travelled from far and wide.
Take care for now! And well see you soon!


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Please come back Someday... Somewhere... In the Summertime! 😘

Really, really grateful that you not only came over - but delivered an absolutely amazing show - night after night !!! Be well, and know - you can't come back soon enough !!!!

Thank you for coming back to North America! After years of not knowing if we’d get to see Simple Minds here in the US, we booked a flight to London in February and went to see you at the amazing Roundhouse. I had finally gotten to see my favorite band in concert. Then right after we got back to the states, you announced your biggest North American tour in decades (LOL)! But after missing the brief tour five years ago, I was determined to make this one count so I went to see you five times in five states (5 x 5) – Milwaukee, Denver, Reno, San Francisco, Portland. Every single time was spectacular. All different types of cities and venues but what they all had in common was their love for Simple Minds. My favorite show was Denver (where this photo is from) when I got to meet all of you & you asked if there was a song I had not heard in London or Milwaukee but wanted to hear. I said Hypnotised – and then to my delight you kicked off Soundcheck with it! That has been the best concert of my entire life. From the Roundhouse show where we got to hear the entire new album as well as bunch of gems from WAY back, to the US shows with the hits, the rarities, and everything in between, every concert has been just wonderful. At the US shows, the one-two punch of starting off the second set with Theme for Great Cities (my favorite instrumental, ever) followed by She’s a River (the song that got me into listening to radio and motivated me to buy my very first CD Good News from the Next World – not just first Simple Minds CD, but first CD period) nearly overwhelmed me. And See the Lights got me every single time. Thanks Jim, Charlie, Sarah, Cherisse, Ged, and Gordy and everyone in the crew for doing what you do. Congrats on a wildly successful tour and please get some well-deserved rest. And, please do not wait so long to come back, or else we’ll have to travel to the UK to see you again...just to get you to announce the next US/CA/MX tour right after we get back. 😉

Hope that the lady who thought you were Simply Red caught a show and knows you are Simple Minds now...;) If she is on the plane back.

Pennsylvania was your first concert for the North American leg. Thank you so much for coming. Please come again. You guys rocked. My husband says your sound was incredible, I agree. You all are so humble, the way you connect with your fans. I met a fan of yours at the T-shirt table, his name was Tom. He saw Jim in the parking lot, and yelled over to him. Jim took the time to talk with him. Tom told him he lost his wife to ALS. He said you were so kind to him. I told Tom I knew his name, cause Jim said it during the concert. Tom was in the front row. Such a great story, I will never forget❣️

Dear Simple Minds, It's been 37 years since I first discovered your shining gem, New Gold Dream. It gave me a passion for music that brightened my whole world. Since then I've never stopped loving your beautiful music, old and new! We are so grateful we got to see you perform at the Reno Grand Sierra. You left us on an all time high and gave us the show of a lifetime! We danced and sang along with you on every song, and loved every moment. Our family sat in the 5th row/center and we loved how you engaged us with your charming humor, love, warmth, and smiles. Our daughters loved you and had an amazing time! You were all in top form, greater than ever!! Seeing you perform all the classics like Somewhere in Summertime, New Gold Dream, Hunter and the Hunted, All the Things She Said, Alive and Kicking, See the Lights, were so amazing and meaningful to us. During Let There be Love, I could feel all the love in the room so strong, it was clearly magical! The song that brought me to tears was Dolphins, your artistic performance touched my so heart deeply. Sense of Discovery and The signal and the Noise were also so Great, we love Walk Between Worlds! Please consider making a DVD and/or live Album of this tour. Happy 40th, many more to come. We look forward to your next visit. Thank You All, you are a TRIUMPH here in America!❤

I have travelled to Edinburgh and Switzerland to see you guys so it was a real treat to have you here in my Sweet Home Chicago! And isn't the Chicago Theater a gorgeous place? Come back soon!

Ah Jim, don’t forget about the European friends and we won’t forget about the American friends. Vice Versa. In English, we are all Simple Minds family!😎🍏🎸❤️🌻🤠🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪🎁🍄

Thank YOU, Simple Minds! You’re in top form, and we cannot WAIT to see you again!

Although Simple Minds never stand still 'Safe journey back to you all' It's been an absolute pleasure to see and read from a distance the truly deserved positive reactions to your tour across the pond. With modern technology, those fans you have performed to recently will stay connected and no doubt look forward to your next visit.

Great tour !! Awesome performance !!! Unforgettable 1st concert in Mexico City !!! Thanks for the energy and talent Simple Minds Official !!!✌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙌🏻

Thank You so much to all of you for coming to North America and putting on such a great tour! I saw you five years ago on your very small N.A. tour, and I am so glad that you came back. I am so happy for us fans, and equally happy for you - the band - that this tour has been such a success! I was at the Washington DC and the Cleveland shows, and they were both great! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts about this tour. Please come back to North America soon! (And please expand on the VIP concert experience options!)

Thank you. Bring the 5 X 5 show next tour please .

Thank you for coming to the States! The two shows I got to see were amazing! Please come back to Texas again!

THANK YOU AND SENDING LOVE!! Dont wait so long next time! <❤>

Thank you simple minds 😍 for coming to Michigan USA 😍 please come again 😍

Thank you for an amazing show in Vegas! Can’t wait to see you again one day. ❤️ to you all.

Just a dream come true to see you in North America. Both shows we saw were out of this world and will live forever in the memory - not least because of all the wonderful fellow fans we met, who had such enthusiasm and knowledge of the band. A joy!

Thank you so much for stopping in Montreal. I shall never forget it!

Thanks for coming over the big pond! (Denver was great) Hope we gave you some inspiration for touring more often in the states (and Canada)!

Thank YOU, Jim, Charlie, and the magnificent Simple Minds band! I got to see (and meet you!!!) in San Diego, thanks to our mutual friend Scott. I'm still buzzing and smiling! Thank you! 🙏😀🧡

Safe flight back you wonderful Simple Minds, wishing you some well deserved rest with family and friends.....wow look at what you’ve achieved this uk, European, US TOUR for yourselves and your fans 👏👏😆😆 then you’re off to Australia wow! Feel proud, happy, successful and most of all loved ❤️

Safe journeys Simple Minds. Although I will always love the old stuff I’m looking forward to new material & the next tour.

Thanks you for returning to North America! Saw you guys in San Francisco and LOVED every minute of it! Please come back soon and please play Speed Your Love!


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Simple Minds are proud to announce a brand new studio album with some very special tour dates!


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‘Walk Between Worlds’ is OUT NOW.

Live Shows

No1 Sports Oval – Newcastle500 – New South Wales, AU
Nov 24 all-day
No1 Sports Oval - Newcastle500 - New South Wales, AU @ No1 Sports Oval

Just announced, #SimpleMinds will play in Australia on the 24th of November. They will headline the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 alongside acclaimed Australian band #BirdsofTokyo at the No 1 Sports Oval, New South Wales.
The concert is free with any ticket for the Newcastle 500.


Doors: TBC
Simple Minds: TBC





“We would like to remind all of our fans and members that despite hearing announcements elsewhere regarding possible concert performances etc, it is only when the date is announced here at simpleminds.com that you can be sure the information is 100% official and that contracts have been agreed” – Simple Minds


Can’t get the tickets you’re looking for? Try the Official Simple Minds Twickets Page where fans sell tickets at face value. Say NO to ticket touts. Visit Twickets Now !



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