Sons & Fascination / Sister Feelings Call

Sons & Fascination / Sister Feelings Call

Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call is the common title for the fourth studio album by Simple Minds [actually two albums sold together]. It was released in September 1981 and was their first to reach a wide international audience. It reached number eleven on the UK Albums Chart and since 1981 the [double] album has been certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry. It includes the singles, “The American”, ” Love Song”, “Sweat in Bullet” and the timeless instrumental “Theme For Great Cities”.

Sons and Fascination and Sister Feelings Call were two separate albums. They were assembled from the same sessions and released at the same time and, in some instances, sold as a double-LP set. The two releases are variously categorised as a double album, two single albums or a single album and an extended play. The CD remaster contained all the tracks once split onto two LP/CD’s, with their respective track running orders preserved.

The original 1986 CD reissue deleted two songs from Sister Feelings Call, as the maximum running time of redbook CD releases at the time would not accommodate the entire set, and Virgin were unwilling to issue the material as a two-CD set. The current CD version now has all of the tracks on one CD.

Release Date: 1st September 1981


01. In Trance As Mission (6:50)
02. Sweat In Bullet (4:30)
03. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall (4:48)
04. Boys From Brazil (5:30)
05. Love Song (5:03)
06. This Earth That You Walk Upon (5:26)
07. Sons And Fascination (5:23)
08. Seeing Out The Angel (6:11)
09. Theme For Great Cities (5:50)
10. The American (3:49)
11. 20th Century Promised Land (4:53)
12. Wonderful In Young Life (5:20)
13. League Of Nations (4:55)
14. Careful In Career (5:08)
15. Sound In 70 Cities (5:01)


Credits: Producer : Steve Hillage.
Engineer at Farmyard Studios : Hugh Jones.
Engineer at Regents Park Studios : Alan Jakoby.

Design & Direction : Malcolm Garrat, Assorted iMaGes.

Guitars – Charles Burchill.
Basses – Derek Forbes.
Drums – Brian McGee.
Keyboards – Michael MacNeil.
Voice – Jim Kerr.

‘Next’ Chorus – Ken Lockie, Jacqui.
Words : J. Kerr. Music : Simple Minds.
Polaroid Photography : Sheila Rock. (Cars supplied By Auto iMaGes)

Live Sound : Billy Worton & Douglas Cowan.

Management : Bruce Findlay & Robert White.
Special thanks to Brian McGee, Peter Gabriel, Gail Coulson, Ross, David Henderson, Ian, Rusty Egan, Bruthanz Sisters.

UK CHART: 11 *with Sons & Fascination
Label: Virgin Records.


01. In Trance As Mission (6.51)
02. Sweat In Bullet (4.38)
03. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall (4.48)
04. Boys From Brazil (5.30)
05. Theme For Great Cities (5.50)
06. The American (3.51)
07. 20th Century Promised Land (4.53)
08. Love Song (5.05)


01. Theme For Great Cities (5.50)
02. The American (3.51)
03. 20th Century Promised Land (4.53)
04. Wonderful In Young Life (5.20)
05. League Of Nations (4.55)
06. Careful In Career (5.08)
07. Sound In 70 Cities (5.01)