New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)

New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)

New Gold Dream is the fifth studio album by Simple Minds. The album was released in 1982 and was a turning point as they gained critical and commercial success in the UK and Europe. It made No. 3 in the UK Albums Chart. In the US, A&M issued some limited edition gold marble vinyl pressings of the album.

The record generated a handful of singles; “Promised You a Miracle” (released in April 1982), “Glittering Prize” (August 1982) and “Someone Somewhere in Summertime” (November 1982). The title track saw a limited release in Italy, when the band visited the country during their tour in March 1983. In addition, the jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock performed a synthesizer solo on the track “Hunter and the Hunted.”

Virgin Records reissued the album as a remastered edition in 2002 (cardboard vinyl replica edition) and early 2003 (jewel-case). On the 2002/2003 edition, the gaps between the tracks on the album are slightly shorter.

The album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. And is regarded by many fans to be theĀ bandsĀ finest work.

“Every band or artist with a history has an album that’s their holy grail,” said Jim Kerr. “I suppose New Gold Dream was ours. It was a special time because we were really beginning to break through with that record, both commercially and critically. The people that liked that record connected with it in a special way. There was a depth to it: it created its own mythology. It stood out. It was our most successful record to date and, critically, the Paul Morleys of this world were writing very nice things about it.”

Release Date: 1st September 1982


01. Someone Somewhere In Summertime (4.35)
02. Colours Fly & Catherine Wheel (3.49)
03. Promised You A Miracle (4.26)
04. Big Sleep (4.58)
05. Somebody Up There Likes You (4.59)
06. New Gold Dream (5.40)
07. Glittering Prize (4.34)
08. Hunter & The Hunted (5.55)
09. King Is White & In The Crowd (6.59)


Produced & Engineered By Peter Walsh.
Words & Music By Simple Minds.
Arranged By Peter Walsh.

Tape Operators : Keith ‘Richard’ Nixon, George Chambers, Francis Xavier Gallager.
Studio Co-Ordination : Gemma Corfield.

Live Style Crew : Paul Kerr, Stephen Pollard, Steve Rosen, Pete Hendry, John Ramsay, Matt Dunn.
Live Co-ordination : Lenny Love.

Management : Schoolhouse Management, Edinburgh.

Sleeve : Malcolm Garrett, Assorted iMaGes.
Photography : Jamie Morgan.

Guitars & Effects : Charles Burchill.
Basses : Derek Forbes.
Keyboards & Effects : Michael MacNeil.
Voices : Jim Kerr.

Drums on 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 : Mel Gaynor.
Drums on 3 : Kenny Hyslop.
Drums on 2, 5 & 6 : Mike Ogletree.
Percussion : Mike Ogletree.

Girl’s voice om 2 & 7 : Sharon Campbell.
Solo on 8 : Herbie Hancock. (courtesy CBS)

Talk & Motivation : Bruce Findlay, Ross Stapleton, Robert White, Janice Brock, Adam Sweeting, George Goldstantinopoulos, Lenny Love, Donna
Thompson, Pete Irvine, Barry Write, Phil Sharpe.
Special Thank You To : Peter Walsh, Herbie Hancock, Janice Brock, Malcolm Garrett, The Vernon Yard Team, The Vibe Factory, Moira, Viv & The CBS
Crowd In Australia.

Made in: Summer ’82.

Label: Virgin Records.