01. Song For The Tribes (5.37)
02. Glitterball (4.55)
03. War Babies (5.03)
04. Tears Of A Guy (4.47)
05. Superman Vs. Supersoul (4.47)
06. Lightning (5.34)
07. If I Had Wings (4.42)
08. Killing Andy Warhol (5.15)
09. Androgyny (5.08)

Release Date: 16th March 1998

Original bassist Derek Forbes returns along with┬áproducer Peter Walsh to record┬áthe band’s eleventh studio album.

Credits: Produced By Charlie Burchill & Pete Walsh.
Engineered By Pete Walsh.
Mixed By Simple Minds & Pete Walsh.
Technical Assistance By Dougie Cowan.

Co-ordination By Sandra Dods.

Thanks to Gordon Smith, Stan Tippins, David Henderson, Yumi Suga & Tony Donald.

Consultation By Jimmy Devlin.
Live Representation By John Giddings @ SOLO.
Legals By Andy Stinson.

Jim Kerr: Vocals.
Charlie Burchill: Guitars, Keyboards & Programming.
Derek Forbes: Basses.
Mel Gaynor: Drums on War Babies.
Hami Lee: Additional Programming.
Michael Niggs & Jim McDermott: Additional Drums.
Strings By The Dukes.

All Songs By Kerr & Burchill.

Recorded & mixed at Lochearn Studios Scotland, Metropolis Studios,
London, Plus XXX Paris, Home Studios Dublin & Capri Digital, Italy.

Assistant Engineers in Capri : Allessandro R.A Benedetti, Marco Della & Monica with thanks to Giovanni D’Agostino, Antonio Chemi, Elvira &
all our Sicillian friends.

Design & Art Direction : Toorkwaz.
Photography By Andy Earl.

7243 493712 48 / 7243 493712 24.
Label: Chrysalis Records.