Neon Lights – 2001

Neon Lights – 2001

Neon Lights, a studio album of cover versions, songs that inspired the band.

Release Date: 8th October 2001


01. Gloria (3.44) Words & Music By V. Morrison.
02. The Man Who Sold The World (4.06)  Words & Music By D. Bowie.
03. Homosapien (4.19)  Words & Music By P. Shelley.
04. Dancing Barefoot (3.48)  Words & Music By I. Kral. P. Smith.
05. Neon Lights (4.16)  Words & Music By K. Bartos. R. Hutter. F. Schneider.
06. Hello, I Love You (3.31)  Words & Music By J. Morrison. J. Densmore. R. Krieger. P. Manzarek.
07. Bring On The Dancing Horses (5.51)  Words & Music By P. De Freitas. I. McCulloch. L. Pattinson. W. Sergeant.
08. The Needle & The Damage Done (4.13)  Words & Music By N. Young.
09. For Your Pleasure (4.08)  Words & Music By B. Ferry.
10. All Tomorrow’s Parties (3.32)Words & Music By L. Reed.


Credits: Produced By Simple Minds & Gordy Goudie.
Mixed & Engineered By Kevin Burleigh.
Gloria Produced By Phunk Investigation with D. Tignino & E. Pat Legato.
Mastered By Simon Heyworth.

Jim Kerr: Vocals.
Charlie Burchill: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Programmed Rhythms & Arrangements.
Gordy Goudie: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Programmed Rhythms & Arrangements.
Additional Vocals By Dee Miller & Kevin Burleigh.

Design: Fabrique, Delft, Holland (Aarts, Van Erp, Fabels, Kooijman)
Band Photography: Martin Hunter.
Concept Consultants: Ged Malone, Martin Hanlin & William Haighton for GMW Entertainment Ltd.

Recorded in Glasgow, Dublin & Taormina, Sicily.
Neon Lights is a MindMoods Production.

Thanks to Sandra Dods, Gordon Smith, Andy Stinson, Antonio Chemi.

Information: Simple Minds Ltd, 26a Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PY.