Cry – 2002

Cry – 2002

‘Cry’ is the thirteenth original studio album from Simple Minds. It was recorded in the last six months of 2001 in Sicily and Scotland (Glasgow). It was officially released in April 2002


1. Cry
2. Spaceface
3. New Sunshine Morning
4. One Step Closer
5. Face In The Sun
6. Disconnected
7. Lazy Lately
8. Sugar
9. Sleeping Girl
10. Cry Again
11. Slave Nation
12. The Floating World


Technical Support : digidesign & emagic.
Special Thanks : Daniele, Emiliano, Dino & Nello.



Release Date: 1st April 2002
Credits: Produced & Arranged By Jim Kerr.
Assisted By Gordy Goudie.
Engineered By Kevin Burleigh.

Mixed By Ren Swan.
Mastering By Simon Heyworth.

Lazy Lately & Sugar: Produced By Charlie Burchill.
One Step Closer: Performed & Produced By Planet Funk.
Vocals : Jim Kerr.
Guitars & Basses : Charlie Burchill & Gordy Goudie.
Keyboards, Drums, Effects & Programming : Gordy Goudie, Charlie Burchill, E Pat Lego & Dino Maggiorana.
Acoustic Guitar on Face In The Sun : Mark Kerr.
Additional Vocals : Mark Kerr, Daniele Tignino & Gordy Goudie.

Recorded at The Loft, Glasgow & Taormina, Sicily, Italy.

Album Art : 2fluid Creative.
Photography : Martin Hunter / Toorkwaz / Mick Hutson.

Project Consultants : GMW Entertainment Ltd.
Co-Ordination : Sandra Dods & Gordon Smith.
Legals : Andy Stinson.

Thanks & Inspiration:
Antonio Chemi & Mariella Bellinvia, Ged, Martin, William, Gordy, Mark, Kev & John McLaughlin, Sean Kelly, Kevin Hunter, Vince Clarke, Jaq Doherty & all
@ 2fluid, Yumi Suga, Stefano Silvestre, Sergio & Planet Funk, Giovinni & Mimma Chemi, Ines Stephan, Michaela Pollok.