Black & White 050505

Black & White 050505

Black & White 050505 is the fourteenth original Simple Minds studio album which was released on the 12th of September 2005. It includes the hit single ‘Home’.



1. Stay Visible
2. Home
3. Stranger
4. Different World (
5. Underneath The Ice
6. The Jeweller (Part II)
7. A Life Shot In Black & White
8. Kiss The Ground
9. Dolphins


Release Date: 12th September 2005

Credits: Produced By Jez Coad & Simple Minds.

Recorded @ Wisseloord Studios, Hiversum, Netherlands.
Engineered By Arjen Mensigna & Michiel Hoogenboezem
Mixed By Bob Clearmountain @ MixThis Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Assisted By Brandon Duncan.
Mastered By Bob Ludwig.

Pre-production, Taormina, Sicily By Daniele Tignino & Ottavio Leo.
Pre-production, Glasgow, Scotland By Kevin Burleigh, Gordon Goudie & Andy Gillespie
Album Consultants : Martin Hanlin & Ged Malone @ GMW Entertainment Ltd.
A&R : John Williams.
Administration : Sandra Dodds with Gordon Smith.
Legals : Andy Stinson, Stefan Silvestri @ Absolutely Records.

Thanks always for your enthusiasm and creative input!

Jim Kerr: Vocals.
Charlie Burchill: Guitars, Keyboards.
Mel Gaynor: Drums, Percussion.
Eddy Duffy: Basses, Percussion.

Andy Gillespie: Keyboards.
Jez Coad: Guitars, Keyboards.
Daniele Tignino & John Biancale: Backing Vocals*

Love to all Burchills and Kerrs including Chas and Chay “The Boys” – for being the boys. Thanks to Win Ho Hong, Yasmin & James (Arsenal my ass, there is only one team and you know it!), Yumie Suga – The # 1 Japanese Celtic FC. Supporter, Marco & Patrizia in Garda, Bob and Betty Clearmountain – you are just the best! Hello to all our friends in Taormina, Sicily where we owe thanks to so many, but especially to Giovanni Chemi and all the staff at La Botte Ristorante, your kindess overwhelms! Equal thanks to Salvatore Moschella and his team at Hotel Villa Angela. Above all, enormous gratitude to Antonio Chemi firstly for bringing us to Taormina and also for his love of all the music of Simple Minds. All at Ludwig Drum Company & Rene Rocher, all at Fentex including Marcel and Edwin and all at UFIP Cymbals. Martin and Alex at Behringer & Promark Sticks. Everyone at Sound Control

Design By Fabrique, Delft, Netherlands.
Art Direction & Design: Chris Van Diemen & Jeroen Van Erp.
Photography: Chantal Wouters & Chris Van Diemen.
Band Photography: Arjan Van Den Berg.
Thanks to: Frank Van Leeuwen, Pieter Aarts, Gertrude Lok, Army Museum Delft, Serpo Delft.

Release Date: 12th September 2005