Light Travels Through The World Today

Light Travels Through The World Today

It’s my favourite time of the year and not because of Christmas and all that it stands for, but with respect it is more because of the occurrence of Winter Solstice that is literally happening as I write.

I shudder at the idea of time seemingly passing more rapid by the day that said I am still thrilled by each arrival of a solstice. It is after all the beginning of a light curve that inevitably takes this part of the world from the darkest heart of winter, leading us right on through to the doorstep of spring.

Although I feel I would like to take more time and write much more about how enjoyable this past year was for us as a band Ð while thanking and recognizing all of those who made it so. I am sure by now most people already know fine well how much we appreciate it.

So instead I am going to step outside for a moment and watch the sunrise, offering my thanks and best wishes to all as I do so.

A Very Happy New Year!

Jim Kerr
Photo by Zev