Amazing Grace !

Amazing Grace !

The year may be drawing to a close and I might have thought that I had heard what for me would have been my favourite album of the year when back in May I heard the charming debut from MGMT.

But no! As it happens I have just spent this morning listening to the new album from Grace Jones titled ‘Hurricane’, and it is for me the album I have had the most pleasure from over this year.

I really do admire it!

Grace has always been a big favourite of Simple Minds and I recall countless road trips spent criss crossing entire countries with her music on in the background. As a performer she is easily one of the greatest there is and an absolute unique entity, there is after all only one Grace Jones.

Maybe it is because of her personality and her original modelling background, plus the absolute outlandish costumes etc. But I really don’t think Grace Jones gets the credit she most certainly deserves for having made some real landmark records over the last three decades.

Some of the coolest, most fashionable soul records in existence, that is.

On the new album there is a song called William’s Blood, and she performed it last week on UK television. How great it was to see her back with new songs after 18 years and how great it was equally to observe her magnificent effect.

To say I was reduced to being a bit of a schoolboy while watching Miss Jones is no understatement, but then again at least I did not have to follow her performance with my own, as did Razorlight who featured on the same programme.

I am afraid they wilted in her shadow and were shown unfortunately in comparison to be ultra limp. Not the state I would use to describe the state I was in after watching Grace blow everyone else off stage.

They should have given the entire show to her because let’s be honest making her begin the show was rather cruel in that all who followed were not hardly fit to be in the same building never mind on the same stage.

And yes I am aware that in writing this I sound like a fawning fan of Miss Jones etc. But I am that after all. And do I fancy her also?

Oh yes, I do. Grace is definitely my kind of girl, or least she might be if I was about two feet taller and less prone to dreaming!

In any case seek out the title track on Hurricane; the lyrics are stunning and as good as any poetry from Van Morrison, the master himself. The song musically is easily as ubiquitous as any thing from the genius that is Kate Bush.

Grace Jones lives in the shadow of no one and Grace makes the city skylights flicker to her rhythm only!

I pray for you everyday Grace!

Jim Kerr