In The Moment!

In The Moment!

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment Grasshopper”

Wise words undoubtedly that might be easy for a philosopher to say, but a spare a thought for us musicians when we walk on stage in Manchester this week and in doing so begin our much awaited set of concerts that are purposely planned to celebrate our 30 year history.

I mean how will it be possible for any of us in the arenas during these concerts not to reflect on the past, particularly as sounds from the last three decades sweep over us – both band and audience alike – while undoubtedly conjuring up memories within us so strong in the way that music always seems to do.

Additionally it will not be possible for Simple Minds not to think that these concerts in some ways will enable us to also draw a line of some sorts under what has gone on previously, and therefore help us to move into a future that will begin with the release next year of our already recorded new album.

Despite all of that however we will be very much in the moment each night as we try to find strengths from somewhere that will guarantee us giving the quality of performance that our supporters through the decades merit so much and want to witness.

We certainly wont fail in attempting to give our utmost. We have always been good at that. Then again we have always had such great help from so many through the years including musicians, crew, staff, friends and family etc. But no more so that the enthusiasts that have backed us every step of the way and continue to do so this week as many travel from all over the various continents to arrive in the UK and to share with us in this live celebration.

It is well known that great concerts rely on both great performers and a great audience willing them on with their every response. That is going to happen, I just know that it will be so.
Forgive me then as I already have the feeling that we may be talking about these shows in the decades yet to come!

Jim Kerr