I had a bit of a chuckle last week when a couple of major newspaper UK reviewers felt the need to promote the notion that the Simple Minds “comeback “ had fallen short of some sort of target, imaginary or otherwise. Of course the first thought when any of us come across that sort of ill informed perception is – comeback from where exactly?

And a fair point that is too, I am sure you would agree, considering that between ’02 and ’09 we released four brand new albums, three of original songs and one of cover versions to be precise. Within that same period we have also had five substantial touring periods and played all over the planet, in some places most frequently. Therefore I ask again – where is it we are meant to have comeback from considering we have never stopped?
More embarrassment perhaps centred on some daft notion that despite our energetic activity, the public had apparently shown little interest in stepping out to see us play.

Well that is news to us if you consider that in the UK alone, and in over little more than a dozen or so gigs occurring in the last 12 months, SM have in fact played to around 100,000 people. And of all of that done without any new radio hit, or any over the top media hype. Certainly we had no nod or encouragement from many of the broadsheet newspapers that did not even bother writing any articles or reviewing Graffiti Soul even. On that I should not forget to say that we also had a nice top 10 UK album that was also warmly received in most circles.

With this being as it is, I have to say that we are delighted with the way things have rolled out in the latest chapter in our careers. Yes we would have loved to have played more overseas shows, and in fairness that was one thing that did elude us. It really would have great to reward more of our fans worldwide as we had hoped. But these are particularly difficult times for the concert business and promoters are rightfully wary. A change will come sometime so hang in there! This is our message to all of you still waiting for us to turn up in your neck of the woods.

And for those who have turned out to see us over this last year, you have overwhelmed us with your encouragement and in many cases your sheer loyalty. The fact is that at the start of this decade our group although never considering quitting, was getting close to running on empty. On a very rare bad day it was even possible to imagine that our end was in sight. Fast-forward to the end of the same decade, and to where we are standing right now, I can tell you that is difficult to imagine that there will not be plenty of music and concerts to come from SM over the years to come. What a transformation in thought, that is!

Steadily over the last handful of years Simple Minds have in fact set out on their own revolution. A revolution to get the band in to the state where only an idiot could deny the quality of the music and the brave course that we have currently set for our selves as artists and performers. We are well on our way to realising it and we will eventually surpass our target.
Idiots be wary, you are about to look sillier than you already do!

Jim Kerr

pic by Sven