Real World

Real World

Real World Studio is a residential recording studio in Wiltshire founded by Peter Gabriel. More than a recording studio actually, the complex is world famous within the music industry as Real World is also the label that has introduced so much world music over the last two decades.

Both studio and label have the finest reputations, as does Peter Gabriel himself – although I am sure that is a fact that so many reading this are already more than aware of.
Considering that Simple Minds have so frequently recorded in out of the way, or countryside based studious, it is a wonder that it has taken us up until now to work within the Real World confines. Nevertheless, earlier this week we finally arrived at the studious with the full intention of recording a few new songs with producer Steve Osborne, and within minutes of arrival knew that we had made the right decision on both accounts. SO will surely do great things with Simple Minds and rest assured that the homely feeling of this destination will bring out the best in us.

For those unaware of the English countryside, the environs around Bath (and Bath itself) are pretty special. And as frequently happens, we consider ourselves so very lucky to be able to work in what is yet another beautiful location. The fact that we are on the very cusp of spring, typified by today´s warm sunshine, makes us feel even more energised than normal, all of which is bound to have a good effect on the creativity that we hope will manifest during our time here.

All being as so, I can only feel that the days are bound to go very well. Here´s hoping!

Jim Kerr