Goodbye Australia – Hello New Zealand

Goodbye Australia – Hello New Zealand

In a few hours we will set out from Sydney on a 90minute drive to Wollongong for what will be the last gig of the Australian tour. Mixed emotions are running high because whilst everybody no doubt is looking forward to being home for Christmas, no one really wants to leave Australia either. Or, at least not right this minute.

Reason for that is we have all enjoyed the dates here immensely, likewise the friendly people, balmy weather and all round laid back attitude that is so much a part of Australia. Truly, if you ever get the chance to visit this part of the world, I suggest you jump at it. It is wonderful!
Then again, with the upcoming weekend date in Auckland, New Zealand, still to be experienced, we are not homeward bound quite yet. And looking forward to that we are too, hugely so in fact as Auckland is yet another city Simple Minds favourite.

Lucky we are then, and lucky we have been over the decades, mostly through having this touring/performing life that we love so much. This kind of life, on the surface, presents itself as the type of vocation that anyone would enjoy. Truth is, it is not for everyone and particularly so if you are too attached to the settled, daily rhythms of what some term as a “normal life.” In that case, touring and moving around constantly, no matter how comfortable, or seemingly glamorous – would never suit you. But it suits us obviously, and long may that continue.

On leaving OZ then, I have to say thanks. First and foremost to everyone who came to see us, and for making us feel as good as we seemingly made them. Playing live for Simple Minds is always a two-way thing and the more an audience encourages, the more energy we have to give back. That is simply how it works! (The amount of Scottish flags in the crowd did not go unnoticed incidentally and within our spirit hopefully we brought a part of Scotland out to you.)

We also need to thank the fantastic musicians who we shared the bill with i.e. Devo, The Church, Models. But above all, it is our great thanks that we give to the promoter and his production team. Not only for the sterling job they did, but for having the confidence in us, and our music, to merit bringing us out here.

We sincerely hope that we delivered for you!
Thanks again Australia.

Jim Kerr